Business Analysis Software

Business Analysis Software

Business intelligence software doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars. The powerful but affordable, off-the-shelf business analysis software solutions offered by MBAWare can help any organization perform advanced quantitative and statistical analyses to uncover business intelligence from business data.

We have researched and assembled some of the most powerful analysis software available for a target cost of $100 to $1,000 using the most advanced operations research and management science (ORMS) methods.

Artificial Intelligence Software / Neural Network Software

Software that applies artificial intelligence (AI) or neural network algorithms to analyze business data.

Business Process Management Software

Software for documenting, re-engineering, simulating and analyzing business processes.

Business Strategy Software

Analyze and plan your business's or client's overall business, product and marketing strategy.

Decision Analysis and Support Software

Quantitative Software to aid in decision tree modeling, data analysis and business forecasting.

Forecasting Software

Software to automate forecasts for sales, marketing, finance or manufacturing using trend analyses, time series analyses, various regression analyses and other advanced forecasting techniques.

General Management Software Tools

Software that provides a "toolbox" of functions to help nearly any manager.

Knowledge Management Software

Software to manage company knowledge, information, files, documents, e-mails, images or other content.

Optimization Software

Optimization software is used to determine the optimal solution to a business problem given a set of constraints.

Project Management Software and Books

We offer a range of project management software tools to effectively deliver your projects on time and within the budget. Our software offerings run the range of project management tasks including: general project management (FastTrack Schedule and Microsoft Project) software for small to mid size projects (Project KickStart) brainstorming and facilitating inital project tasks and resources (MindManager) managing projects with high risks and uncertainties (RiskyProject) process improvement projects (Pathmaker)

Quality Management Software

Software to handle all aspects of effectively managing your organization's quality improvement efforts.

Statistics Software

Software to perform a variety of powerful statistical analyses.